Love NEVER dies Love Never Dies follows the love triangle of Raoul, Christine, and the Phantom after the events of the Paris Opera House disaster. The 2010 musical focuses in on the straining relationship of Raoul and Christine and their new son Gustav and how Christine falls once again into the grasp of the Phantom. Though the music is not as riveting as that of the Phantom of the Opera, it still presents a tragic yet romantic sequel interwoven with unexpected twists that satisfies the viewer.


  1. The Phantom
    Til i hear you sing 2
  2. Christine Daae
  3. Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny
  4. Madame Giry
  5. Meg Giry
  6. Gustave

​Act I Edit

  1. Til I Hear You Sing
  2. The Coney Island Waltz
    Coney island
  3. Only For You
  4. Ten Long Years
  5. Christine Disembarks
  6. Are You Ready to Begin?
  7. What a Dreadful Town!
  8. Look With Your Heart
  9. Beneath a Moonless Sky
  10. Once Upon Another Time
  11. Mother Please, I'm Scared!
  12. Ten Long Years of Yearning
  13. Dear Old Friend
  14. Beautiful
  15. Beauty Underneath
  16. Phantom Confronts Christine

​Act IIEdit

  1. Entr'acte
    Love never dies
  2. Why Does She Love Me?
  3. Devil Take the Hindmost
  4. Invitation to the Concert
  5. Bathing Beauty
  6. Before the Performance
  7. Devil Take the Hindmost (Quartet)
  8. Love Never Dies
  9. Ah, Christine!
  10. Gustave! Gustave!
  11. Please Ms. Giry, I Want to go Back!
  12. Finale